Amelia Mae’s performances across sets include tech house, electronica and just damn good techno………. with a soulful & uplifting edge. Production wise she produces a deeper style. A sound that is tribal with its rhythm components, yet melodic, dreamy & in the moment with more eclectic contemporary house elements. Influences from the 80’s/90’s are recognisable using patches from her analogue Nord & Juno 106 throughout her tracks, fused with more modern synth & percussive sounds via programs such as Logic & Ableton. A classical background in flute & guitar & a 17 year DJing ear ensures plenty of intricate bass lines, clicky rhythms, & innovative sequences, creating a beautiful uplifting energy throughout her work.

Amelia’s music takes you on a journey of sound designed to bring the dance floor to new levels, as she glides & weaves her well recognized magic via her up tempo grooves, & inspiring set designs nowadays including her own productions & of those that she admires.

With 15 years of performing, getting her first set of turntables back in 2000 & really making a mark with her unique style over the years, Amelia Mae was crowned winner of the 2011 Australian Pioneer Pro Dj Search, performing back then as Sorceress. Prior to the EDM boom in Melbourne though, she began her music journey back in the early 90’s incorporating flute, guitar & bass in bands & later in 1998 as a music promoter hosting a number of events around Victoria through FREEZA, including a rural tour hosting bands such as Pre Shrunk, The Brown Hornet & The Mavis’s. After moving to Melbourne from country Victoria to commence a music industry degree, her experience in promotions followed through to organizing Arcadia (2002) attracting over 1,000 punters in the Victorian Gippsland rainforest. AKASHA, a popular music festival then manifested with two explosive energy festivals in 2006 & 2007, along with associated club events. Akasha was one of the first outdoor festivals in Australia to host various electronic styles including techno, tech house & deep house, as other

festivals at the time were still predominantly trance based. This promoted a huge movement towards other electronic genres, contributing to the diversity heard across EDM festivals in Australia today. After moving away from promotions her love for beats continued on performing as Sorceress in Thailand in 2012 as the techno headlining act for the Half Moon Festival, and multiple appearances at Australia’s iconic festivals including: Subsonic & Strawberry Fields, Future Music Festival, the 2012 Cairns Eclipse, Wide Open Space NT, Manifest, Winter Solstice, Myan Prophecy, Southern Oracle, Earth Frequency, Akasha Festival, Spiral Harmonics, Earth Fest NYs, Deliverance, Harmonize, Ostara Festival, Byron’s Maya Solstice, Dark Forest, Earth Dance, Fractangular, Babylon & a surprise performance of opening night at the temple of the Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Over the years Amelia has also supported touring artists including techno icon producer Peter Juergens (Peter Gun) & progressive trance guru Atmos, both of whom have been inspirations & mentors particularly in the earlier years of her career. Other highlights have included last day of Fractangular’s 2015 festival before Perfect Stranger, & warm up set for techno giants Dosem, Christian Smith & Wehbba for the Saturday night techno marathon at one of Australia’s former largest outdoor festivals: Maitreya.

Her productions have been played on Pure Ibiza Radio’s ‘INSTRU MENTAL’ program, held weekly over the European summer with her original tracks released & unreleased aired via  And, with the success of her track ‘Patient Dreams,’ there’s plenty more releases in the pipeline for 2018, currently working in collaboration with producer Marta Kodo & vocalist Aishah.

Releases include extended play: ‘It Has Begun’ & ‘Spex Appeal’ via Avioground Milan, single: ‘Fader Love’ with LuPS Amsterdam (2014), ‘Fuse It’ For The Record & ‘Patient Dreams’ Ready Mix (2016).

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